• Sabbatical FAQ



    This decision was the result of looking more holistically at my life and what I want, discussing options with friends and mentors, and taking a lot of deep breaths.

    What will you do on your sabbatical?

    I am planning to move to Nicaragua for 6 months to volunteer for Proyecto Cocomango, to practice Spanish, and to practice photography.

    How did you choose Nicaragua?

    As most of you know, I volunteer with Engineers Without Borders (EWB). We have a drinking water and sanitation project in a community there, to which I have traveled three times. Proyecto Cocomango is our partner organization in this community, where I can continue my EWB work while doing even more to help better the community.

    Are you nuts? Don’t you know what’s happening in Nicaragua right now?

    Yes, but I care about the people who live in the community there, and my strong preference is to do more to work with them. That said, I’ve been keeping an eye on the news and talking with people at the nonprofit and in the community. I won’t go if I think it’s too dangerous. My backup plan is to move to Costa Rica.

    I want to go, too!

    Aight, cool. I won’t have extra space to personally host you, but I’ll let you know where I am and you’re welcome to visit!

    Where can I get the latest update?

    Check out my Blog.